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Preparing seafood

Preparing Prawns

  • Gently twist the head and pull it awat from the body
  • Try to ensure the intestinal track comes out too
  • Use your fingers to roll off the shell and the attached legs from the underside
  • You may need to make a shallow cut along the back of te prawn to ensure all intestines are removed
  • For most recipes, the prawn looks best with the last shell and tail flap left on

Preparing Crabs

  • To open the body, lift up the abdominal flap (the small triangle on the crab's underside)
  • Slip your thumb or knife under the shell and gently rise the top shell off
  • Remove intestines and feather-like gills
  • Rinse if necessary under cold water
  • If your recipe only requires crab meat, you can remove the meat fromt he shell, twist off the legs and nippers at the joices where they connect to the shell, crack them open with a flat mallet and pick out the meat
  • However, for recipes that cook the crab in the shell, bread off the large nippers and cut them in half at the elbow joint. Crack their shells to let in the flavour when cooking
  • Finally, cut the crab body section in half and then cut the legs into three clusters

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