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Skin-on Salmon










Available in selected supermarkets now!

This farmed, Tasmanian, Atlantic Samon has been deviened for your convenienve. It is a rich source of natural omega-3 fats and is very versatils.

Best lightly fried, barbecued or gently baked to succulent pink in the centre.


Cooking Options:

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Try these recipes:


Salmon with Tapenade CrustSalmon with Tapenade






Atlantic Salmon


Nutritional Information

 Serving Size: 140g
*raw portion Serves Per Pack: 2
Average Quantity *Per Serve *Per 100g
Energy 1137kj 812kj
Protein 29.5g 21.1g
Carbohydrate - Total <1.0g <1.0g
                      - Sugars <1.0g <1.0g
Fat - Total 17.1g 12.2g
      - Saturated 5.5g 3.9g
      - Omega-3 4.3g 3.1g
        - EPA 1540mg 1100mg
        - DHA 1848mg 1320mg
Sodium 56mg 40mg


Product of Australia. Keep refrigerated at 0-4 degrees C.


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