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New Seafood in Packs!

salt--pepper-squid-pack-min seafood-medley-pack-mini Garlic Prawns prawn--calamari-pack-mini
skin-on-salmon-pack-mini Skinless Salmon    

What is MAP?

MAP stands for Modified Atmosphere Packaging and is a highly effective method of extending a product's shelf life. In order to protect the product and slow down the growth of aerobic organisms and the speed of oxidation, we remove the oxygen from the pack, modifying the atmosphere. What is left inside the pack is nitrogen, commonly acknowledged as an inert gas and carbon dioxide. This lack of oxygen gives our product an extended life, keeping it fresher for longer.

Angelakis Bros. has come up with an exciting, new range for supermarkets!

Our new range comes complete with a variety of cooking options, number of serves per pack and GREAT VALUE, EASY, EVERYDAY seafood recipes at less than $5 per serve! Now, it couldn't be easier (or tastier) to provide your family with their two seafood meals per week.

This range of delicious seafood has been pre-packed for your convenience and sealed with MAP technology to ensure that your seafood stays fresher for longer. Keep an eye out in selected supermarkets.



marinara-seafood-pack-mini ReadyToEatPrawns RawPrawns CrumbedGarfish
AustGarfishFillets NewZealandDoryFillets AustTropicalSnapperFillets

Angelakis Frozen Skin Pack Seafood Range

Ocean Catch Barramundi Fillets 280g (skinless & deboned fillets)
Ocean Catch Ready to Eat Prawns 400g (cooked, peeled & deveined prawns)
Ocean Catch Raw Prawns 400g (peeled & deveined prawns)
Ocean Catch Crumbed Garfish Fillets 440g (scaled & butterflied fillets)
Ocean Catch Australian Garfish Fillets 280g (scaled & butterflied fillets)
Ocean Catch NZ Dory Fillets 380g (Black Oreo Dory fillets, skinned & deboned)
Ocean Catch Tropical Snapper Fillets 250g (skinless & deboned fillets)


The Skin Pack Packaging System

The Skin Pack packaging process uses specially formulated top film web with a base tray to create a vacuum skin consumer pack that fits around the product like a second skin. The top shrink film wraps itself firmly but gently around every contour of the seafood product without distorting the shape. The base tray and top shrink film are then heated together right up to the product’s edge to produce a securely and hygienically sealed pack.


Skin Pack packaging guards against freezer burn during deep freeze storage.

Each pack is a set weight.

Cooking Instructions are on all packs.

The range of Skin Pack Products can be found in the seafood freezer cabinet in most IGA Supermarkets around Australia.


Why buy Angelakis pre-packed seafood as opposed to deli?

When buying pre-packed seafood you know exactly what you are getting, this includes:

Full product information including ingredients declarations and nutrition information.

A guranteed quality, safe product meeting high government regulations and standards.

Fresher product in modified atmosphere with a use by date so you know exactly how long it has been sitting there and how long you can keep it at home.

Recipe suggestions that advise how you can create a great value, easy, everyday seafood meal at home and get the most out of your dollar.

A range of cooking options so you know exactly what  you can do with your seafood and how it is best going to be cooked.