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Quality Standards

Angelakis Bros. is a safe food company, our products are Quality Assured. Being Quality Assured means that we have the necessary guidelines and implementation of these guidelines to be confident of producing the best and safest quality product. It is our safeguard for food quality.

We are committed to developing and maintaining a safe product of high quality that our customers can be confident in. To do this we use a system known as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).We identify areas that could be a possible hazard and take physical and microbiological tests to maintain the Q.A. standards.                       

Our Quality Policy is as follows;

The Company is committed to developing and strengthening its position by inspiring in its customers and employees confidence in its products and services. The Company will achieve this by applying quality management at all levels of handling customer and company products.  It is the Company’s task and responsibility to achieve product specifications in terms of both customer expectations and all relevant State and Federal regulations.

In respect to this, Angelakis Quality Manual states;

The Company’s Quality Management System is designed to assure quality by building prevention and control into processes so that potential problems are detected and corrected before product quality, wholesomeness or integrity can be affected.

Product, processes and facilities are continually assessed for opportunities for improvement in effectiveness and efficiency in meeting these objectives.  Daily performance is monitored against measurable parameters.  Determination of conformance to contract or regulatory requirements is verified on the basis of objective evidence.